Wednesday, 22nd June

Venue: Hamilton Concourse
Welcome reception
Dress informal
Venue: Common Room, Dining Hall building

Thursday, 23rd June

Venue: Hamilton Concourse
Formal opening
John Hegarty, Provost of Trinity College Dublin
Venue: PACCAR Theatre, Science Gallery
Chair: Anthony Quinn
Plenary 1
Rahul Sarpeshkar, MIT
"Ultra Low Power Biomedical and Bio-inspired Systems"
Venue: PACCAR Theatre, Science Gallery
Chair: Anthony Quinn
Morning coffee
Venue: Science Gallery
Lectures 1: Implementation
Venue: Maxwell Theatre, Hamilton
Chair: John Blake
L1.1 » New Displacement Current Sensor for Remote Recording of Human Biopotentials
» Lorenzo Faggion, Mahdi Hussain
L1.2 » A Compact SHA-256 Architecture for RFID Tags
» Xiaolin Cao, Liang Lu, Maire O'Neill
L1.3 » Fast Digital Calibration of Static Phase Offset in Charge-Pump Phase-Locked Loops
» Diarmuid Collins, Aidan Keady, Grzegorz Szczepkowski, Ronan Farrell
L1.4 » Disadvantages of using single worst case PVT for static noise analysis
» Rashid Iqbal
L1.5 » System architectures for infrared pedestrian tracking
» Robert Walczyk, Alexander Balazs, Alistair Armitage, T. David Binnie
Venue: Buttery, Dining Hall building
Lectures 2: Methods
Venue: Maxwell Theatre, Hamilton
Chair: Sean McLoone
L2.1 » Maximum Likelihood bounds for channel independent LP-OFDM systems over correlated channels
» Barry Cardiff, Liam Barry, Tony Fagan
L2.2 » Seismic Signal Source Separation
» Aishwarya Moni, Christopher J Bean, Ivan Lokmer, Scott Rickard
L2.3 » Variational Bayes Variants of the Viterbi Algorithm
» Viet Hung Tran, Anthony Quinn
L2.4 » LF model based glottal source parameter estimation by extended Kalman filtering
» Haoxuan Li, Ronan Scaife, Darragh O’brien
Posters 1
Venue: Hamilton Concourse
Chair: Derry Fitzgerald
P1.1 » Efficient Implementation of Arithmetic Compression for EEG
» Daniel O'Shea, Richard McSweeney, Christian Spagnol, Emanuel Popovici
P1.2 » A dual-rail charge pump bias circuit for avalanche photodiodes
» Shijie Deng, Alan Morrison
P1.3 » Design of a Low Power Wireless Sensor Node for Environmental Monitoring
» Liqiang Zheng, Jingxuan Li, Michael Hayes, Brendan O'Flynn
P1.4 » Experimental Evaluation of H.264/Multiview Video Coding over IP Networks
» Zhao Liu, Yuansong Qiao, Brian Lee, Enda Fallon, Karunakar A. K., Chunrong Zhang, Shuaijun Zhang
P1.5 » Features detecting bad violin playing
» Jane Charles, Derry Fitzgerald, Eugene Coyle
P1.6 » Glottal Inverse Filtering with Automatic Filter Order Selection
» Alan O'Cinneide, David Dorran, Mikel Gainza, Eugene Coyle
P1.7 » High Definition Video in Multi-User WPANs
» Sandra Scott-Hayward, Emiliano Garcia-Palacios
P1.8 » High Performance Custom Regular Expression Processing Core
» Thianantha Arumugam, Sakir Sezer, Dwayne Burns, Vishalini Vasu
P1.9 » Shifted NMF using an Efficient Constant-Q Transform for Monaural Sound Source Separation
» Rajesh Jaiswal, Derry Fitzgerald, Eugene Coyle, Scott Rickard
P1.10 » Utilising Mobile Phone Billing Records for Travel Mode Discovery
» John Doyle, Peter Hung, Damian Kelly, Sean McLoone, Ronan Farrell
P1.11 » Vector divergence considerations for latency optimized high speed CDC
» Patrick Fleming, Rashid Iqbal, Niall McDonnell, Pawel Ostropolski
P1.12 » Design and Implementation of an Indoor Ultrasonic Communication System
» Tarig Ballal, Mohamed Saad, Chris Bleakley
Afternoon tea
Venue: Hamilton Concourse
Plenary 2
Mike Davies
University of Edinburgh
"Compressed sensing: exploiting sparsity and structure in signal acquisition"
Venue: Maxwell Theatre, Hamilton
Chair: Anthony Quinn
Close of sessions
Committee meetings
ISSC steering committee meeting, and MIDAS meeting
Dress smart casual
Venue: Dining Hall

Friday, 24th June

Venue: Hamilton Concourse
Lectures 3: Communications
Venue: Maxwell Theatre, Hamilton
Chair: Colin Cowan
L3.1 » Efficient Blind Channel Shortening using Stochastic Sum-squared Autocorrelation Minimization
» William Gareth Dalzell, Colin Cowan
L3.2 » On the use of Reed-Solomon codes to extend link margin and communication range in Low-Power Wireless Networks
» Kalim Khan
L3.3 » Experimental Impulse Radio IEEE 802.15.4a UWB Based Wireless Sensor Localization Technology:Characterization, Reliability and Ranging
» Tingcong Ye, Michael Walsh, Peter Haigh, John Barton, Alan Mathewson, Brendan O'Flynn
L3.4 » Performance of QPSK-OFDM with LDPC and Concatenated Reed Solomon/Convolutional Coding in Outdoor Environments
» Dushantha N. K. Jayakody, Mark Flanagan
L3.5 » Bluetooth for Safety Systems
» Pavan Kumar Pendli, Michael Schwarz, Hans Dieter Wacker, Josef Boercsoek
Posters 2
Venue: Hamilton Concourse
Chair: Andreas Schwarzbacher
P2.1 » A Variational Bayes Approach to Decoding in a Phase-Uncertain Digital Receiver
» Arijit Das, Anthony Quinn
P2.2 » Analysing Ireland's Social and Transport Networks using Sparse Cellular Network Data
» Damian Kelly, John Doyle, Ronan Farrell
P2.3 » Comparison of linear and quadratic modelling of the human auditory system using a system identification approach
» Alan Power, Richard Reilly, Ed Lalor
P2.4 » AVOCA – A Vehicle Oriented Congestion Control Algorithm
» Enda Fallon
P2.5 » Characterisation of Wireless Sensor Platforms for Vibration Monitoring of Wind Turbine Blades
» Ricardo Simon Carbajo, Andrea Staino, Kevin Ryan, Biswajit Basu, Ciaran McGoldrick
P2.6 » Contact-free Estimation of Respiration Rates during Sleep
» Vishalini Vasu, Conor Heneghan, Sakir Sezer, Thianantha Arumugam
P2.7 » FPGA based Optimisation and Implementation of Nondestructive Identification Procedures
» Stefan Uting, Michael Brutscheck, Steffen Becker, Andreas Schwarzbacher
P2.8 » Issues Surrounding Moving a Successful Business Oriented Test Driven Development Process into the Environment of Real-time Embedded Systems
» Michael Smith, Andrew Beaudin, James Miller, Craig Steinback, Syed Islam, Marc Poulin
P2.9 » Magnetic Resonance Image Processing using Levy Distributed Anisotropic Diffusion
» Jonathan Blackledge, Matthew Blackledge
P2.10 » Pre-Processing for Value Based Dynamic Time Warping of the ECG Signal
» Gavin Shorten, Martin Burke
P2.11 » Restoring Image Burnout in 3D-Stereoscopic Media using Temporally Consistent Disparity Maps
» David Corrigan, Francois Pitie, Anil Kokaram
P2.12 » The Efficient Gaussian Approximation for a class of Latent Gaussian model
» Ji Won Yoon, Simon Wilson
Morning coffee
Venue: Hamilton Concourse
Plenary 3
Bernard Fleury
Aalborg University
"Message Passing in Wireless Communications – Selected Applications and Recent Progress"
Venue: Maxwell Theatre, Hamilton
Chair: Anthony Quinn
Venue: Hamilton Concourse
Lectures 4: Control
Venue: Maxwell Theatre, Hamilton
Chair: Michael Smith
L4.1 » Optimal Control of Biogas Plants using Nonlinear Model Predictive Control
» Daniel Gaida, Sousa Brito André Luis, Christian Wolf, Bäck Thomas, Bongards Michael, Mcloone Seán
L4.2 » A Game Theory Approach To Distributed Multi-Rate Model Predictive Control
» Samira Roshany-Yamchi, Rudy Negenborn, Marcin Cychowski, Kieran Delaney, Joe Connell
L4.3 » Predicting Currency Pair Trends using the Fractal Market Hypothesis
» Jonathan Blackledge, Kieren Murphy
L4.4 » Application of wireless network control to a two inverted pendulum system
» Aolei Yang, George Irwin, Wasif Naeem, Kang Li
Plenary 4
Martin Corless
Purdue University
"An Approach to the Analysis and Control of Nonlinear/Uncertain Systems"
Venue: Maxwell Theatre, Hamilton
Chair: Anthony Quinn
Afternoon tea
Venue: Hamilton Concourse
Lectures 5: Media
Venue: Maxwell Theatre, Hamilton
Chair: Ed Lalor
L5.1 » User Assisted Source Separation using Non-negative Matrix Factorisation
» Derry Fitzgerald
L5.2 » Optical information hiding by combining image scrambling techniques in fractional Fourier domains
» Shi Liu, John Sheridan
L5.3 » Bleed-Through Removal in Degraded Manuscripts
» Róisín Rowley-Brooke, Anil Kokaram
L5.4 » A Novel Fourier Approach to Guitar String Separation
» David Ramsay, Ted Burke, Dan Barry, Eugene Coyle
Close of conference
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